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Pucci Pets grooms Yorkies

All of the following are unsolicited comments taken from our recent (Summer 2011) Client Satisfaction Survey, all returned questionnaires were anonymous.


“You are all so nice, very professional and Shadow is well happy to come.”



“You care about my dog, treat him like he is important, not just any dog.”



 “I am happy that my pet is well looked after and superbly groomed. Very friendly, also there is a high                                        standard of cleanliness which to me is very important. I’m very happy with all aspects of your service. I also think having their passport stamped  every time and the written comments on their behaviour are excellent. I have comments on how perfectly cut my pet is. Thank you!”



“Our pet does not mind being trimmed and mentioning the name ‘Hannah’ and he goes into ‘tail-wagging mode’.”



“The end result is always satisfactory and the premises are always clean and all staff are friendly and obviously like dogs.”



“The staff genuinely care about the dogs and treat them well- even when they are being difficult.“

Pucci Pets grooms Cocker Spaniels

“The staff always listen to what you want done to the dog, a lot of places don’t.

Very good with dogs so don’t worry about leaving them. Very friendly and listen to what we want.”



“My dogs have been with Hannah for nearly 20 years. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Everybody is friendly and takes the trouble to get to know the dogs, with all their idiosyncrasies.”



“Louis is always immaculate and the staff are really friendly and helpful at all times. He is always ready on time and the staff genuinely care about your pet.”



“What can we say. You’re the best.”



“Very happy staff. Such a lovely welcome, makes owners and pets happy. Thank you.”



“You are always happy to see us. Abi and Charlie love it.”


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